Deep Plaid


This tumblr is where Shay Pierce blogs/spews thoughts about playing and making games.

I am Shay Pierce. Let’s switch to first person, shall we?

I’ve been programming digital games since I was 13 years old (and designing non-digital games even before that!)… and I’ve been getting paid for it since 2003.

I worked on console/PC games for years but most of them were cancelled or still haven’t been announced. Most notably, I worked at Blizzard for a year in a key role on a game prototype. (I’d love to tell you more, but, I’d have to kill you.)

I left Blizzard to return to Austin, which is just the best place to live ever. (I don’t plan to ever leave again!)

Since 2010 I’ve moved to working on social/mobile games and grown to be an expert in Flash/AS3 development… and really good at Unity/C# development too. I also realized that making “indie” game projects of my own design is very important and fulfilling to me, and I started doing that in my spare time.

In early 2012 I was forced to decide between a lucrative job with Zynga, and losing control of a totally-not-lucrative game I’d made independently. I chose my game. I told this story publicly, also describing why Zynga’s values were misaligned with my own, i.e. kinda “evil”. This inspired a lot of people, which is awesome.

Right now I work on mobile games as a freelancer, while making another indie game as I find time. It’s pretty swell!