Deep Plaid

Jul 13

Video of a perfect run of AHatEftHL:XVII:tRR, including the dramatic final level.

I put a lot of effort into the GodCopter level. So if you’ve played the game but haven’t beaten it, I encourage you to skip to 4 minutes just to see it, and the surprises it contains. (Due to a bug present on most devices, this final level as it appears here is MUCH easier than it should be… I’m in the process of fixing that.)

The YouTuber (“Religious Gamers”) describes themselves by saying “I like to focus on videos that deal with bosses, hallucinations, bugs/glitches…” Which is just too appropriate.

Jul 10


Since we’ve been just a bit light on Finji-related announcements in the last 24 hours (err, make that last 6 hours), here’s another one: Overland also has an audio director!! Jocelyn Reyes joined our team last month, and has been hard at work developing the uncanny soundscape for our game. Overland is her first major game project, but you might recognize her from Morning Coffee or other Animal Phase projects. Her attention to detail and knack for finding the weird within the natural have already transformed this game, and we are so happy to be working with her! Keep an ear out for more from her in the coming months :)

Overland has an awesome person making awesome audios!
Jul 10


Some exploratory concept art for Overland.

I’ve been waiting a long time to post this!! Here we go: let’s all give a warm official welcome to Overland's art director and lead artist Heather Penn! You might know her amazing work from UCLA Game Lab or The Classroom Aquatic kickstarter or this recent post about tea spirits. It’s been a real honor to work with her so far, and she’s already had a huge positive impact on the project. You will be seeing and hearing a lot more about Heather and the visual design of Overland in the coming months!

Overland has an awesome person making awesome visuals!
Jul 01

vitruvian sports monster

I really really want to play this game again.


vitruvian sports monster

I really really want to play this game again.
Jun 19

"it’s such a beautiful day" / 2011


"it’s such a beautiful day" / 2011

Jun 18

Angry Henry OST, by Francisco Cerda →

Including such hits as:

  • Maximum Chainsaw
  • Music to Kill Chainsaws By
  • Battle Without Honor Or Humanity Or Any Form Of Restraint Whatsoever
  • Screaming Me Softly
  • What If God Was An Insane Helicopter That Screamed Planets At One Of Us?

The titles may be amusing, but the music is seriously good. It’s the perfect soundtrack for doing anything awesome.

Thanks a ton to Francisco Cerda for the great original music!

Jun 18

The trailer for my new game, live now on iOS.

Jun 18

Angry Henry And The Escape From The Helicopter Lords: Part 17: The Re-Reckoning →

It’s finally out! I made this game in about two months of work, and did basically everything on my own (except the fantastic soundtrack by Francisco Cerda, which you can listen to or purchase here… also Laura contributed some screams to the game!).

This game is the world’s most realistic Helicopter Murder Simulator. It’s an infinite-runner-and-infinite-shooter-and-sometimes-screamer. 

I won’t try to describe it any further, just go view the trailer, which will make everything perfectly clear.

May 20

Building a New Team, Part 1


Midnight on a Tuesday may not be the ideal time to tackle this but I can always take a nap with the kids tomorrow I guess. I really want to get these thoughts down while they’re still fresh.

This will be the first post of many (well a few anyways!) talking about the way we’re building our first team here at Finji. We have never done this before, and I’m hoping that documenting it will make me more analytical about what we’re doing and maybe help others too.

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May 09


So I’m making a smartphone game called Angry Henry And The Escape From The Helicopter Lords: Part 17: The Re-Reckoning. (Find out more at!) Angry Henry’s scream plays a major role in this game… but I haven’t actually put in any scream sound effects yet!

I’ve been streaming development of the game (stream happens here at 11am CST each morning, archives are here); today one of the regulars in gave me a great idea, which was to let people submit their own scream sound effects! This is a great way to engage the community while simultaneously letting me be lazy - perfect!

So submit your screams! If I like your screams, I’ll use it in the game, and also a free copy of the game! (Sadly I can’t pay you anything, this is just a fun lark.)

Here are the details:

  1. I need at least 3-4 variants, I don’t want it to be the exact same sound effect every time (that gets annoying).
  2. Each sample needs to be close to 0.55 seconds in length… that’s about half a second.
  3. If I get a lot of good submissions, I may use ones from various peoples!
  4. This game is meant to feel “retro” (though I using that term), so I want the streams to sound like samples on 8-bit or 16-bit hardware. Silly-sounding stuff like Ganon’s Laugh or Altered Beast’s voice samples. You can either add these effects yourself, or just submit a scream and I’ll process it.
  5. Both WAV and MP3 are acceptable.
  6. Including exactly one Wilhelm-esque scream is acceptable.
  7. Email your screams to (If you must attach them, that’s okay, but I’d rather you use Dropbox or some other way to send me a link to download the file.)

Happy screaming!